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A cryptobank for everyone In 8 years’ time, the crypto-economy will exceed 10 trillion dollars. Cryptobanks will become a cornerstone in the relations between decentralized economy and future daily life bus tokens for sale expanding payment infrastructure and possibilities, creating new cryptocurrency payments scenarios and lowering interest rates. Our goal – replace your bank. No more wait times for your card to be issued.

You will get your virtual card just after registration. Seriously, no limits in crypto or fiat. Commissions are lower than card acquirement — only 0. CRPT tokens issued during the ICO are the only tokens which will be issued by Crypterium. No CRPT tokens will be issued after ICO. The purchase of tokens during the ICO is the guaranteed way to use Crypterium settlements and purchase CRPT token for fixed price. Users, who has no tokens will have to buy CRPT tokens from tokenholders to use Crypterium ultimate banking possibilities.

Crypterium is aimed on list it’s token on exchanges after ICO to support and enlarge userbase. Crypterium’s transactional income forms the Monthly Loyalty Program which is aimed on stimulating users to make more transactions via Crypterium and also to encourage especially active users. Loyalty rewards are made in CRPT tokens, which are purchased by Crypterium from public and private exchanges based on the current exchange rate at the time of purchase. 1,500,000 was used to buy tokens and fill up cashback fund.

Technologies First company in Eastern Europe to develop mobile payment solutions based on QR-code scanning. 1 million in investments during round A. More than 300 integrations with the most popular e-commerce retail services delivering a universal payment application for the most common daily needs. Creation of a direct debit protocol that is key to ensuring payment processes can be applied with virtually zero fees, enabling users to focus on their payment experience and rewards. Mobile Cryptobank Cryptocurrencies effectively enable users to make international low cost secure transactions. The mobile cryptobank maintains the best payment experience and enriches it with a wide range of practical features.

Cryptocurencies Ecosystem Drivers required for the cryptoeconomy to emerge as the standard for those things that can not be developed out of the current box and which require dedicated technology solutions. Highly experienced investment banker with a focus of interest on capital markets in the USA and Russia. Cryptocurrencies to the financial ecosystem, including Bancor, Legolas Exchange, and Gimli. Katrina Arden is a blockchain attorney licensed in the state of California, USA. Katrina is a founder of Blockchain Law Group, which offers consulting in the field of blockchain technology, issuance of product and security tokens, and cryptocurrency matters. Roger Crook is the Singapore’s leading peer-to-peer invoice financing platform for SMEs.

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