Civil war tokens for sale

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SITV to operate its cryptocurrency mining business. 15 Civil war tokens for sale and will be asset backed by the mining equipment it is used to purchase. Bytemine mining business for the first three years of mining amongst its Bytemine coin holders ensuring a return on investment.

The shareholders in SITV will receive a 5:1 ratio in the Airdrop compared to the newly signed up users. Everyone else will receive a 1:1 ratio. Maximum amount of participants in the AIRDROP: 20. 000, all which need to be KYC verified. To be eligible for the Airdrop you will need to follow our telegram group t.

Discounts for shareholders in the presale will be announced soon. We will verify that everyone is a telegram member in the KYC. Nothing on this website constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a security in any jurisdiction in which it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation. Institutional investor If you are an institutional investor, please click on the button below and sign up. About us Stockholm IT Ventures is a publicly listed company on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Stockholm IT Ventures is conducting this ICO called Bytemine. If you are institutional investor or investor investing more then 300 ETH. ICO Token Crowdsale or making use of any information in the upcoming whitepaper or available on the bytemine. ICO, Stockholm IT Ventures AB team members will be focused on completing the company start-up and delivering on milestones. User and Stockholm IT Ventures AB carry their tax obligations solely under the applicable laws of the country and location they reside in. Stockholm IT Ventures AB is not a tax agent and therefore shall not provide Users’ financial information to any third parties.

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