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What would I do with coin meter token value Laser Cutter? Build Simple Robotic Kits to teach people a Hobby that I Love. Ever wanted to make some money from your projects? This Instrutable will show you how to Simply interface a coin selector with your Adruino.

A Coin Selector: There are many different type’s, the CH-926 accepts the most amount of coins so thats what I’ll be using. Any 12v Power Supply, Batteries or Wall Wart. Free Download, Scroll down until you see the correct option. Note: Only needed for a coin operated Program, Not electronics Projects. For your Coin Selector to know what type of coins it accepts, you have to set it up and then feed it samples of those coins.

It is recommend to sample at least 15 coins of the same type, up to a maximum of 30. Don’t feed the same coin through 30 times, it’s make the selector to fussy about what it accepts. A Coin Selector works by comparing the material, weight and size of coins past through it to the samples you provide. If a coin is not reconised it drops out the return slot, if it is reconised the Unit sends out pulse’s on the “COIN” line.

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