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Feel the need to justify your new wine habit? We’re here to remind you why you love wine with 99 reasons why you’ve been drinking it. You need a serving of fruit everyday. Because beyond college, Master’s good for one drink token Ph.

You were going to give it as a gift, but decided to keep it for yourself. Some people find violet-stained teeth inexplicably attractive. How else can you justify using words like supple, brawny, fleshy, and gripping. How else are you going to finish that wine-cork Pinterest craft? Waking up with a wine line across your bottom lip is a token of a night well spent. Mimosas are an acceptable breakfast food. Taylor Swift songs put you in the mood for a glass of red.

You still believe in the merits of 2-Buck Chuck. You wanted to class-up the block party. Your Spanish conjugations improve after a glass or two. It’s important to hydrate after waking up. They say it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, even though it turns out that’s really not true. Stemmed wineglasses make you feel like a real adult. You need something to wash down an awkward social experience.

The recipe calls for 2 TB of white wine and you don’t believe in wastefulness. You can’t afford a massage and this is the next best thing. Wine tasting is like bar hopping during the day. Wine keeps you feeling and looking younger. The wine aisle feels like an oasis of happiness. It’s the only investment you can drink. It’s Monday night and it’s going to be a long week.

Tuesdays need to be appreciated too. It’s Sunday night and Monday morning looms. Because five glasses in a bottle is a screaming good bargain. Because it’s time to call your mother. Because you just deleted your facebook account. Networking events make you feel nauseous.

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