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What a tumultuous year, and who would dare predict the future? Perhaps “Life on the Hill” and “Terminal Eurocrasy” will both soon change for the better – we’ve certainly got our fingers crossed! Model kits uk we’re all waiting however what better a distraction than the workshop?

We defy you to worry about NATO whilst turning a 4-cylinder crankshaft or milling dovetails. Having enjoyed healthy exports for many years, Hemingway has recently crossed a threshold in that our next order is now more than likely to arrive from outside of the UK. If you’re ordering from outside the UK, please don’t miss out on this silver lining! The Seal Major – a Perfect “IC” Project? Seal Major has been built to a very high standard. Michael has also included a vertical distributor, water pump and radiator to his own design. Watch the unsilenced engine later in the video – a lovely crisp crackle!

This engine is a 30cc version of Westbury’s “Seal”. Designed in 1950, the Seal Major has been used in both 4ft – 6ft boats and 5″ scale locomotives for the past 66 years. It presents the constructor with a challenging yet “do-able” project – you’ll find plenty to learn along the way and huge satisfaction when it finally fires! While the ordinary hacksaw is an indispensible hand tool for all metal workers, the manual labour involved in operating it is tedious when a great deal of cutting has to be done on large metal sections. To earn its keep however, a powered hacksaw must be man-enough for the job but also small enough to avoid dominating the workshop.

Westbury devoted a great deal of thought and experimentation to this design which is surely the world’s most compact. It’s about the same size, and just as portable as, a standard toolbox! This great machine will quietly slice 2″ thick steel whilst you get on with something more interesting. An adjustable weight and hydraulic damper regulate the cutting load and the machine knocks off once the job is done. The vice jaws swivel for mitres or for gripping tapered stock and a length stop is provided for accurate repeat cuts. Metal is cut on the backstroke and the connection of the frame to the driving crank is arranged to produce a downward thrust on this stroke and to relieve the load on the saw as it returns. Apart from a plug, the kit contains ALL necessary material.

In all, there are 21 cast components of aluminium, iron and gunmetal. Barstock, fasteners, electrical components, drawings and construction notes are there too, along with an Eclipse Plus 30 ALL HARD blade to kick you off. Click the image for more details. Now perfectly engraved scales can be produced time-after-time, with none of the “variations” that haunt the amateur’s work! A slender, dovetailed ram slides solidly and accurately under the complete control of the operator. A rotating turret carries 3 fully adjustable stops, allowing lines for units, fives and tens to be struck. The cutting tool and turret can be set at either end of the ram allowing both cylindrical and flat work to be completed at any angle.

This classic tool is as satisfying to manufacture as it is to use! Radford’s unique design was a sensation when it appeared in 1970. The original design however required constructors to cut their own rack directly onto the back of the ram and a pinion directly onto the spindle. With Riley’s update, the rack and pinion are provided as finished items so that no gear cutting is required.

Please click the image for a closer look. Rotary Broaching, although in use for over 100 years, is a rare sight in the small workshop. And yet, “drilling” square and hexagonal holes in virtually any material has never been so easy! This allows infinite possibilities for the production of custom fasteners, miniature sockets, clock and valve keys, carb jets, tapping collets, double keyways, etc. Click the image for a closer look? Compared with end-milling, flycutting is often sited as the slower and therefore inferior process for milling flat surfaces. Whilst this opinion may hold water for industrial scale work where large volumes of material must be removed at the minimum cost, for finishing cuts in the smaller workshop, flycutting is by far the better bet.

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