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ACDelco dexos1 Full Synthetic Motor Oils are formulated with high performance base stocks and excellent additive technology to help provide protection for today’s modern engines. They are licensed to the dexos1 engine oil specification, which is the General Motors’ OEM engine oil specification. These motor oils are formulated to help with pre-ignition protection as well as turbocharger oxidation and deposit protection. Provides motor vehicle parts low-temperature fluidity to help reduce friction and wear at cold-weather engine start-up.

Meets API SN Resource Conserving Service Classification. Premium chemical product for vehicle maintenance. Provides the performance and dependability you expect from ACDelco. Replacing dirty oil and filters can help protect the inside of your engine from premature wear. Use the recommended grade of oil for your vehicle as found in your Owner’s Manual. Follow either your vehicle’s Oil Life Monitoring System or your vehicle Owner’s Manual recommended oil change intervals. Periodically check your dipstick for oil levels.

For the most accurate reading, wait a few minutes after turning off the engine to give the oil time to drain from the crankcase into the oil pan. If your vehicle’s oil level is low. If there are unusual noises from under the hood. If the Oil Life Monitoring System in your vehicle lights up or informs you that your oil is running low, etc. Black fluid leaking from the vehicle could be a motor oil leak. A heavy thick smell originating from under the hood or from the exhaust could be a sign of burning oil within the vehicle. Engine oil system flushes are not recommended and could cause engine damage.

Is it true that new engines need break-in periods using conventional motor oil? No, it is not true that new engines need a break-in period using conventional motor oil. New engines can be run with conventional or synthetic motor oils while still properly breaking in the engine components. Do I need a special oil filter for a synthetic oil?

No, you do not need to use a special filter for synthetic motor oil. The type of oil filter used isn’t necessarily based on the type of oil, but rather on vehicle specifications. Always use the quality of filter that meets the specifications denoted in your owner’s manual. Does my vehicle require a specific amount of motor oil? Yes, your vehicles owner’s manual will contain information pertaining to the oil specification and capacity for your engine.

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