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FOR SALE REFINE YOUR BOAT SEARCH BY SELECTING Race boats for sale CATEGORY BELOW. Old Race Boats will still flip you out! It also allows you to purchase an engine online using Paypal or mailing us your check. In early 2018 we added nine more engines which are pictured on our web store under New Arrivals and also listed individually.

We only have one boat for sale at this time which is an early Swift B Hydroplane which we can sell as is or we can restore it for a buyer. A recent purchase included an early B Konig that appears to be partially restored, a complete B Quincy Looper and enough parts to build 4 or 5 Loopers. A large assortment of parts will be left over after we restore these engines some which have significant history. We have acquired 25 Mercury racing engines in Fine to Good condition. Theses engines are all freshwater engines on Quicksilver towers and gear cases. We have sold 17 of these but there are still some nice engines to choose from.

The right two rows and 20H in the rear of the picture are the engines. A nice 20H green and gold. A 25 Johnson powerhead on a Quickie H tower. Five 44 cubic inch four cylinder engines on either a 55H tower or a Mark 40H tower. We also have a restored KG7Q and a restored Mark 40H. Another massive collection has been added to our inventory. Conversion tower with a Grant style fuel tank built in, 2 B-1 OMC engines with a single stack.

A large number of NOS parts and used parts. This engine is one of the first 25 conversions assembled by Quincy Welding, confirmed with Paul Christner, restored by us about 8 years ago. A new supply of engines we just purchased. These include 25XS, 25SS, Mark 20H, KG7H, Champion Hot Rod  Quincy B Looper and B-1 Mods.

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