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Radiant Infrared Sauna Review: Price, EMF Levels, Buy it Or Not? As a kid when my grandmother would take me to Maine for the summers, a favorite pastime of mine was always to stop and see the heavy equipment once we got into farming country. As a small skid steer for sale, I learned to drive tractors and other various pieces of construction and farm equipment, so much so that I didn’t really have to learn how to drive a car when I turned 15.

I always loved my toy tractors though, and I think we all reminisce of how it gave us those big boy feelings of real life farm equipment. I did some poking around, and my have the quality of collectibles die-cast construction toys changed! It looks like a real skid steer loader, complete with cab controls and a realistic bucket and boom. I’ll continue to update this article with new models I find, and maybe incorporate some other types of construction equipment collectibles along with the skid steers.

ERTL’s Big Farm is just like the real thing, only smaller! Durable enough for indoor and outdoor play! See The RC Bobcat t 190 Skid Steer Toy In Action! For more radio controlled excavator toys, click here.

If you happen to be into other toy diggers like ride on excavators, tractor loaders, or tractor trailer construction vehicles, you may like these digging toys for kids here. Notify me when new comments are added. Clearlight VS Sunlighten: Which Sauna Is Really Better? Wondering if you can really make money blogging?

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