Temple token coins

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Sally Ludwig of Audubon show off their earrings outside Ludwig’s house. Is the weight of nostalgia heavier than the SEPTA tokens that once temple token coins in your pocket?

Not to worry — a handful of local businesses have come up with inventive ways to memorialize the soon-to-be-archaic coin. Anita Mastroieni, one of three women behind Token of Affection, which sells about 35 items, including chokers, pass holders, and earrings, named after stops along the Market-Frankford and Broad Street Lines. 20 on Token of Appreciation’s Etsy shop. 20 on Token of Affection’s Etsy shop. The transit agency’s phase-out plan, which began in January, is moving according to schedule, SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch said. Commuters can no longer buy tokens from cashiers’ booths, and vending machines that dispensed tokens at subway stations have been removed. Sales of tokens have continued to drop as the agency encourages commuters to transition to SEPTA Key cards.

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