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Note: DCID 6-9 has been rescinded and superseded by ICD 705. what is a scif SCIF Construction Criteria For Expanded Metal. 9 consists of the basic DCID and annexes A through G.

Manual will not require modification to meet these standards. 2   The physical security safeguards set forth in this Manual are the standards for the protection of SCI. DCI concurrence, may impose more stringent standards if they believe extraordinary conditions and circumstances warrant. Additional cost resulting from more stringent standards should be borne by the requiring Agency, Department, or relevant contract. 3   In situations where conditions or unforeseen factors render full compliance to these standards unreasonable, the SOIC or designee may waive specific requirements in accordance with this Manual.

However, this waiver must be in writing and specifically state what has been waived. SOIC or designee prior to conducting any SCI activities. 1   SCIF design must balance threats and vulnerabilities against appropriate security measures in order to reach an acceptable level of risk. Each security concept or plan must be submitted to the CSA for approval.

Protection against surreptitious entry, regardless of SCIF location, is always required. Security measures must be taken to deter technical surveillance of activities taking place within the SCIF. TEMPEST security measures must be considered if electronic processing of SCI is involved. 2   On military and civilian compounds, there may exist security controls such as identification checks, perimeter fences, police patrols, and other security measures. When considered together with the SCIF location and internal security systems, those controls may be sufficient to be used in lieu of certain physical security or construction requirements contained in this Manual.

3   Proper security planning for a SCIF is intended to deny foreign intelligence services and other unauthorized personnel the opportunity for undetected entry into those facilities and exploitation of sensitive activities. Faulty security planning and equipment installation not only jeopardizes security but wastes money. Adding redundant security features causes extra expense which could be used on other needed features. When security features are neglected during initial construction, retrofitting of existing facilities to comply with security requirements is necessary. 1   Nothing in this manual shall be construed to contradict or inhibit compliance with the law or building codes.

Non-SCI indoctrinated personnel entering a SCIF must be continuously escorted by an indoctrinated employee who is familiar with the security procedures of that SCIF. The physical security protection for a SCIF is intended to prevent as well as detect visual, acoustical, technical, and physical access by unauthorized persons. Physical security criteria are governed by whether the SCIF is in the United States or not, according to the following conditions: closed storage, open storage, continuous operations, secure working area. All documentation pertaining to SCIF construction will be appropriately controlled and restricted on a need-to-know basis. The approval or disapproval of a physical security preconstruction plan shall be made a matter of record. All diagrams or drawings must be submitted on legible and reproducible media. 3   The CSA shall be responsible for providing construction advice and assistance and pre-approving SCIF construction or modification.

The CSA is authorized to inspect any SCIF, direct action to correct any deficient situation, and withdraw SCIF accreditation. 2   SCI shall never be handled, processed, discussed, or stored in any facility other than a properly accredited SCIF unless written authorization is granted by the CSA. 3   An inspection of the SCIF shall be performed by the CSA or appointed representative prior to accreditation. Inspections may occur at any time, announced or unannounced. The completed fixed facility checklist will be reviewed during the inspection to ensure continued compliance. TSCM evaluations may be required at the discretion of the CSA, as conditions warrant. Inspection reports shall be retained within the SCIF and by the CSA.

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